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'the Roundtable' project is a three-part series currently in development that will spread awareness about the ways systemic racism impacts BIPOC students in both the arts and higher education by bringing Black women together in solidarity to share their experiences of their MFA programs providing a place to dissect issues within artistic disciplines, discuss solutions, and hold space to heal.

All funds will go towards production and equipment costs, including pay to our collaborators, producers, editors, and staff working on this project with us!!

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Executive Producers


Producer & Head of Content Production

Associate Producer




Pre-Production Assistant

On-Set Production Assistant

Post-Production Assistant

Brittaney Chatman, Melissa Mowry, Marcella Adams,

Jalissa Fulton

JoiAshanti Watkis


Italy Welton

Luqman Muhammad

Jonathan Estabrooks

Angelica Jacinto

Stephan Johnson

Jade Elle

Amoria Burks

Shaquan Bell

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